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The Ruby Page & Joe Ruberto Jazztet

4 July 2021

What a grand opening our Grand Opening was. We finally got the go ahead for our first function at our new venue, and how exciting it was.

For our committee to walk into the room already set up was just bliss – no hard yakka. The room looked very festive with wonderful pictures around the room that blend in so well with our jazz club. And the numbers coming in, just so encouraging that we are on the right track.

But the ‘star of the day’ was undoubtably Ruby Page and with her that master of the ivories Joe Ruberto and the Jazztet.
We all know how delightfully Ruby can sing and she really put on a show for us. The band consisted of Dan Gordon on double bass and who has taken on another role with Ruby, singing harmonies with her and Joe. The blending of voices was music to my ears.

The oh so smooth sax of Barrie Boyes, the driving beat of that master of the skins Dean Cooper, his drum solo had us all on our feet, but the surprise packet…. Paul Coyle on trumpet. He could play his horn with great conviction, strong and powerfully or soft and mellow, but could he belt out a song. He took centre stage for a couple of numbers. Many would remember his father, pianist Graham Coyle who played with Creole Bells, among other bands.

As is the custom, the band opened proceedings with Ruby coming in on the second number, an upbeat swing ‘You’d be so Nice to Come Home To’, going into ‘I’ve Got You under My Skin’. Other numbers in the first set included ‘Is You Is My Baby’, ‘Nevertheless’, and a song I just love, that reminds me of that most romantic of cities, ‘I Love Paris’.

Set two opened with the band playing and then Ruby singing ‘I’m Gonna Lock my Heart and Throw Away the Key’. After another couple of numbers, Ruby introduced Paul to sing for us and from the very first note it was obvious he was more than capable of holding the attention of the audience. His version of ‘When I Grow too Old to Dream’ had us all wanting more. Also, in this set Ruby sang ‘Cry Me a River’ and ‘Stars Fell on Alabama’. Her sensitivity really come to the fore in her rendition of these two beautiful ballads.

The last set continued with a mixture of the great standards of swing and ballads. It truly was Ruby at her best. She owned the stage. Even though we couldn’t dance (due to Covid) we had a fantastic afternoon. Everyone in the room went home applauding the afternoon and the new venue. If our first gig is anything to go by, we are in for some fabulous afternoons.
Thank you, Ruby and Joe and band, as always, it is a pleasure to have you at our club.




The Ruby Page & Joe Ruberto Jazztet

Marg Hendrie Secretary
Victorian Jazz Club Inc.

As only the second CD which has been cut by Melbourne’s sensational and highly- sought after jazz singer, Ruby Page - this product- “Dream Serenades” certainly illustrates that Ruby has taken the absolutely correct path from where she was 10 years ago on leaving New Zealand, to the peak of her career now.

Having experimented with various instrumentalists en route to her current spectacular group of “class act” musicians which comprise her regular lineup, it is fair to say that perfection has been achieved.   The pure pleasure that this group exhibits from the stage is evident in the music they produce and “The Ruby Page and Joe Ruberto Jazztet” would be one of the happiest, most melodic, and musically excellent groups currently performing in and around Melbourne.

Ruby is a person who has music, rhythm and love for humanity running through her veins, and she manages to portray this by physically getting inside each and every number she sings. One aspect of her performance which is very refreshing in a vocalist is her excellent diction.  She is an absolute living dynamo!.

Apart from Ruby’s vocals and the beautifully balanced backing to her songs, the superb piano-playing of Joe Ruberto is truly magical.  The band arrangements have been written by Joe, who is renowned for his musical expertise – to watch him at the piano is an experience in itself.

This CD has broken new ground for the group by introducing some wonderful three part harmonies into their repertoire – the proof of their success is evident from the reaction of any audience fortunate enough to hear them.  It would appear that two Italian instrumentalists, combined with a Pacific Islander songstress is a recipe for unparalleled success when it comes to harmonizing!

Top Melbourne musicians who have contributed to the success of this latest CD are:

Barry Boyes saxophone, Dean Cooper drums, Dean Addison double bass, Bob Venier trumpet/vocals, Eric Budd trombone, the extraordinarily talented Joe Ruberto on piano/vocals and Ruby Page herself on vocals.

The excellent choice of tunes on “Dream Serenades” is going to make listeners keep playing it until it wears out! I know it will have a permanent spot on my CD player!



"Dream Serenades"
Pat Begley (aka Mrs. Bruce).


That CD is fantastic ... so enjoyable ... love the voice.

It is just the best to listen to on a cold winter’s day.

Thanks for the quick delivery.

I heard your interview on Sat night 3CR and liked it all.

Pat Begley (aka Mrs. Bruce).


The Ruby Page & Joe Ruberto Jazztet
29th Grampians Jazz Festival
Fri 13th – Sun 15th Feb 2015.
Dennis Hawkes - Ballarat Jazz Club
Another band that would fill Parkgate is The Ruby Page & Joe Ruberto Jazztet who we’ve had at Ballarat Jazz Club.

Excellent playing all round, including that from ex Ballarat Trumpet Player Bob Venier.  Have you got or heard his own CD “Discovering You”? The band again featured their beautifully arranged, & impressive 3 part vocal harmony in quite a few numbers.

If they return in 2016, surely they will feature in the main Marquee.

Saturday night in the main Marquee was noticeably sparse in patrons from the 5:30 mark onwards which is very unusual. 



The Ruby Page & Joe Ruberto Jazztet 
Inverloch Festival 7 and 8 March
Kerrie Palamountain

Hi Ruby,

We live in rural SA (3 hours from Adelaide).  We attended the Inverloch Jazz Festival this year and heard you for the first time.  It was one of those amazing times where I was moved to tears with the magic of your music.  Cannot wait to receive your CD which I have just ordered.  (We are starved for jazz – or any music for that matter, where we live!) 

Our son, Chris Palamountain, led the Admiral’s Own Band at the Festival – he plays sax. 

With huge admiration and appreciation

Kerrie Palamountain...followup below..


Kerrie & Roger Palamountain

Subject "Dream Serenades"


Hi Ruby, Joe and Bob,
We often find that CD's don't quite capture the essence of the music that live performances offer.

Since receiving 'Dream Serenades' in the post this week, it has not stopped playing in our house. There are so many wonderful tracks and, as at the Inverloch Jazz Festival, when we heard you for the first time harmonizing and were spell-bound, we are now captivated in our own home by your sound. Congratulations and please, please, can we have Dream Serenades 2 soon?
Kerrie & Roger

24 July, 2015

Thank you!


Pescare Restaurant 31 July
& Album "Dream Serenades"

Nola Miniken
We had a wonderful night at Pescare last night enjoying the amazingly good Ruby Page & Joe Ruberto Jazztet. Turning people away at the door I believe! I even got a "happy birthday" song from them (and everyone in the restaurant!!!). Just finished listening to your CD "Dream Serenades" and loved it!! It's on again right now. Thankyou so much for such a pleasurable evening. Wonderful to meet you Ruby. I wish you and the band every success.


Down South Jazz Club 11 Dec 2015

By Drummer Ken Vatche
I have just had the best night of jazz I've had for years. Ruby Page, Bob Venier, and Joe Ruberto, are superb at their craft and together with Steve Clark we had a fantastic gig. I feel so lucky that I get to play with such talented and lovely people. Bob and I played together many years ago in Melbourne, in a great band doing rock stuff but this was the first time we played jazz and Latin together. What a winner!


The Basement at The Arts Centre Gold Coast
By Roy McKeen

was packed for RUBY PAGE on Friday 12 May and we were treated to a virtuoso performance where Ruby sang some of the greatest songs of the 20th century. A mature, attractive woman singing about Love and Stars Falling On Alabama in that close-to-the-audience, intimate setting. Just superb!

Baycourt Arts Centre Tauranga - July 2018
The combination of Jazz and Wurlitzer definitely intrigued me, so I booked my tickets to listen to Scott Harrison, Ruby Page & Nane Page at Baycourt Arts Centre in Tauranga with great anticipation.  And I was not disappointed.  What an entertaining and absolutely breathtaking display of talent from them all.  I found the music so moving that at times I sat with my eyes shut and just absorbed the sound swirling around my emotions.  Scott’s incredible mastery of the Wurlitzer was just awe-inspiring and I found myself glued to the demonstration of true ambi-dexterity as his hands and feet created the amazing music resonating around me.  Ruby’s voice is just mezmerising and took me on a journey around the world of jazz.  When Nane sang with just her guitar, I got shivers from the purity of her voice and when the two of them sang beside the organ, slowly disappearing from view with the haunting strains of Pokarekare ana; it was a perfect ending to a stunning night.  Reviewed by Tracey Maule

​Barry Ponchard - Radio 3WBC
 "Ruby Page - The Nightingale of JAZZ"

The Ruby Page & Joe Ruberto Jazztet  "Album Launch for Dream Serenades"

Radio Presenter Barry Ponchard

3 WBC 94.1

Change of name; The Soul Strokers. Wind blowing talent laid on with a very thick brush. Easy listening on the CD, LIVE in concert FANTABLOUS! Truly a day to remember; Thank you, thank you , thank you!


Sent to Bob Venier of our new Album “Dream Serenades” 

David Jones - Drummer

Extra wonderful Bobby. Great playing as always!! So much heart and soul, in your phrasing, expression and tone.

And I love Ruby’s beautiful approach and sound. The vocal harmonies are gorgeous. Please congratulate her on the very good interview. Looking forward to playing with you all.
So much love and good vibes.


Roger Clark
Editor The Bass Valley News

Congratulations to you and your band on your performance at the Phillip Island Jazz Club.

I got to enjoy one of the most outstanding live performances I have had the pleasure to enjoy after chasing bands for 50 years now."

To The Ruby Page & Joe Ruberto Jazztet 

Heather Wilson - A lover of music


What a fabulous night!!!

Fantastic follow up from Milanos!!

Thank You Guys

Listening to your first CD Smile

How Awesome!!

Thank You for a fantastic night 

Bob you are amazing!!

Thank You to Barry on the Sax!! Wow!!!

Ruby your voice is unbelievable!!

Magic Music!!!!!

Looking forward to June at Pescare!!

Thank You

Ps Still listening to "Smile " CD

And smiling

Thank You


The Ruby Page & Joe Ruberto Jazztet
"Dream Serenades"

Geoff Tobin
Jazz Presenter 3CR 855AM

Many thanks for Dream Serenades which I received at the post office on Friday. Have just finished playing it for the third time and just love it. I imagine that you and everyone involved in the recording and production of the CD are very proud of it.



The Ruby Page & Joe Ruberto Jazztet
Ian Cootes

Jazz Presenter 94.7 FM

Hello Ruby,

I write this as I listen to part of your remarkable set I recorded on my phone at Halls Gap last weekend. Yours were the standout performances at the festival for me. It was great to see Bob Venier back on stage performing again. The three part harmonies with you, Joe and Bob were nothing short of superb.

Our program is unique in that we cover ALL genres of jazz, so your material would definitely be a welcome inclusion. While I would welcome any of your CDs, I would really like to feature the soon to be released one as I would really love to highlight the three part harmonies.



SUNDAY 24th May 2015

Marg Hendrie Secretary

Victorian Jazz Club Inc.

Hot on the heels of their very successful CD launch the previous weekend in Melbourne, Ruby Page and her band of musicians made their way to the Ballarat Jazz Club to fulfill their commitment on a very chilly Sunday in May.

After the usual welcome and pleasantries from President Geoff Herkes reporting on the morning’s Annual General Meeting, the band performed a superb instrumental opening to the afternoon with a magnificent rendition of ”Candy” which was a brilliant way of showcasing each and every musician, and their undoubted world-class ability. This certainly set the tone for the next 3 hours of pure enjoyment.

Ruby, who manages to take possession of the entire room the moment she begins singing, worked through several of the numbers on the new CD entitled “Dream Serenades” including “Day in Day Out” , “That’s All” and that great favourite “It Don’t Mean a Thing if it Ain’t got that Swing. A great new addition to this band’s repertoire is the branch into 3 part harmonies, delivered by Ruby, Bobby Venier and Joe Ruberto, and those evergreens such as “Moonglow”, “Stars Fell on Alabama” and “Squeeze Me” – all arrangements written by Joe and all absolutely wonderful.

Another one of the highlights of the afternoon was “I Can’t Believe That You’re in Love with Me” sung by Bobby Venier, who added a whole new dimension to the art of “Scatting”.  Absolutely spell-binding ability and charisma.

An aspect of the afternoon which left a great impact on me was the absolute lack of
“noisy chatter” while the performers were on stage – quite a rare thing in Jazz Club circles – but I realized that this fact in itself says a great deal about the quality of the artists performing – together with the musical appreciation of those in the audience!

Doreen Fabrikant and I were very happy to drive from Melbourne and return to have the pleasure of such a superb afternoon of great music, amongst very hospitable people in an excellent venue.

Congratulations Ballarat Jazz Club

Marg Hendrie VJC
B.J.C. June 2015. All rights reserved. 



Review by Keith Harris
Up until the November function, I'm sure a lot of members had not heard or seen Ruby Page perform, but they sure know her now.

From the onset, Ruby, accompanied by terrrific keyboard player/vocals Joe Ruberto and a great band, Dean Addison - double bass, Bob Venier - Trumpet & Vocals, Barrie Boyes - Saxophone and Dean Cooper - Drums, provided a mixture of good swing and great 3 part harmonies.

The dance floor was well occupied especially during the "cha cha" type numbers.
Some of the tunes we heard were "Moonglow", "Sentimental Journey", "Crazy", "Stars Fell on Alabama", "I Cant Give You Anything But Love", just to mention a few.
At the finish of the night, we listened to a great drum solo by Dean Cooper during "After You've Gone".

Thanks Ruby Page and the Joe Ruberto Jazztet for a terrific night.









The Ruby Page & Joe Ruberto Jazztet
Past President Victorian Jazz Club
Jazz Presenter John Crichton

  • Day in Day Out 

  • Spanish Medley
    Be True To Me
    Acercate mas
    Green Eyes 

  • Moonglow 

  • Stars Fell On Alabama 

  • That's All 

  • It Don't Mean a thing 

  • This Time the Dream’s On Me 

  • Dindi 

  • Day by Day 

  • One Note Samba 

  • We'll Be Together Again 

  • A Nightingale Sang in Berkley Square 

  • Once In A While 

Since her arrival in Australia from New Zealand more than a decade ago, vocalist Ruby Page has been prominent on the Melbourne jazz scene, best recognised for her appearances in smaller, intimate venues such as restaurants and night clubs, in trio, quartet or in quintet settings.  Having established herself as a popular entertainer, backed by a rhythm section led by pianist Joe Ruberto for the past ten years, she has added extra brass to her line-up of supporting musicians, thus broadening her appeal to wider audiences such as Jazz Clubs and Jazz Festivals, where she and the band have been greeted with enthusiastic acclaim.

Her long-awaited re-appearance on the recording scene (she recorded the album “Smile” in 2004), has resulted in “Dream Serenades” featuring six musicians, with thirteen tracks of love songs and jazz standards in keeping with the album title.

The line-up is Ruby on vocals; Joe Ruberto, piano/vocals; Bob Venier, trumpet/vocals; Barrie Boyes, tenor saxophone; Dean Addison, bass; Dean Cooper, drums, and a new musical voice has been added, for this album, in the person of Eric Budd on trombone.

The outstanding feature of the album is the three-part vocal harmonies on all but five of the tracks, where the voices of Ruby, Joe and Bob blend in superbly, (somewhat reminiscent of the Hi-los, who recorded back in the 1950’s), but with their own particular signature.

Day in Day Out kicks off the album to a bright start with the entire ensemble, driving rhythm from the two Deans and spirited solos from Bob and Joe. The three-part harmonies begin with the evergreen Moonglow with Eric’s trombone adding an instrumental voice to the three vocalists.

Dean Addison opens Stars Fell on Alabama with bowed bass and Barrie’s rounded tone on tenor adds another instrumental highlight to this popular standard.

That’s All has just Ruby on vocal with sensitive solos from Barrie, Bob and Joe on this excellent arrangement. Vocal three-way scat vocals are the stand-out feature of It Don’t mean a thing, (somehow Laura creeps in) and listen to Barrie’s dreamy, sentimental solo on This Time The Dreams on Me.

Day by Day is taken up-tempo and Bob, Joe and Dean Addison get to give their solo best as we have come to expect.

The Nightingale Sang in Berkley Square, the longest track on the album, is taken in waltz tempo, with the two “Deans” of their instruments taking the opportunity to display their musical talents.

Once in a while (the Edwards/Green version) provides a solo another platform for the stride piano of Joe Ruberto in support of the three voices.


Each track is of such high standard it is difficult to nominate the ‘best’ track, (and space does not allow me to comment on all thirteen) suffice it to state that the optimum musical standards are achieved and maintained throughout. My preference is We’ll be Together Again (for sentimental reasons).

Ruby’s vocals on all tracks, particularly the last-mentioned, are Ruby at her best-- vibrant, sensitive and sincere. She is, however, a vocalist who should be seen live as well as heard on record.

Her looks, personality, charisma and audience rapport make her a captivating performer and you will glean from listening to this album that she enjoys the company of her backing musicians, something which she also projects in live performance.

Joe Ruberto is without peer when backing singers of Ruby’s quality and his solo pieces are also a joy to watch as well as to listen to.

Ruby and Joe should be content in the knowledge that they have chosen a selection of tunes which showcase their exceptional talents, in the company of sidemen who are household names in jazz and who achieve the epitome of musical performance.

Purchase the CD and catch the band live! You’ll see what I mean.


Review of ‘Dream Serenades’

Glenis Taylor

The variety of rhythms and melodic quality of each song on ‘Dream Serenades’ carries me through many moods from lively foot tapping swing and sambas to gently swaying with the more romantic numbers. Moonglow and Stars Fell on Alabama feel like smooth caramel overlain with butterfly wings! Independently masterful horns, double base, piano and drums blend exquisitely with Ruby’s delectable voice, with a deep richness achieved when Joe and Bob add in their harmonies. 

When I was fortunate enough to attend the jazztet’s first Geelong Jazz Club gig recently, the pure joy and easy camaraderie of these seasoned musicians, highlighted by Ruby’s sensual charisma, made the night a truly memorable one of fun and engaging entertainment, enthusiastically welcomed by the discerning jazz appreciators who kept the dance floor elegantly populated.




Geelong Jazz Club - Sept 2019 By President Ian Goodier
The Ruby Page & Joe Ruberto Jazztet.
Our September function saw a return to Saturday nights for our Gala Night with that velvety voice of Ruby Page and the superb keyboard of Joe Ruberto. They were accompanied by a very talented group of Eric Budd on trumpet, Dean Cooper on drums, Dean Addison on bass, and Barrie Boyes on sax.

It was a magical night, the music and songs performed were top class, with plenty for the dancers, as was evidenced by the numbers on the floor all night long. In fact, there were still plenty of dancers on the floor at the end of the night, I don’t think anyone wanted to go home.

There was a special treat for us as Ruby’s sister sang with her on stage.  It was beautiful to see and hear them singing together, they harmonized so well.  One of the songs they sang was Smile with Nane singing a verse in Maori, just stopped you in your tracks. 

Some other numbers performed were, The Way You Look Tonight, Sentimental Journey, Crazy, I Love Paris, Fly Me To The Moon.  The band also played some instrumentals, Perdido, Apple Blossom Time among others.

At the end of the night we were all left wanting more and isn’t that the way it should be.

A more top class, professional group you could not find.

Thanks to the band booking man for bringing them to Geelong Jazz Club and thank you Ruby and your group for a truly wonderful night.





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