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B i o g r a p h y

JAZZ singer Ruby Page, a New Zealand native, comes from a musical family and has sung for as long as she can care to remember. She was naturally blessed with a rich warm soulful voice, captivating audiences with music ranging from mellow jazz, swing, Latin, sultry sambas, to pure romance. 

Asked to describe her unique style she once said:


"I feel a strong connection with my past and a sense of wonder at each note when I sing - I bring my whole life's experience to the stage."​


Since relocating in 2000 to Melbourne, Ruby has become a successful jazz performer in her own right, singing with the city's most notable jazz musicians at numerous high profile venues. 

Ruby said finding musicians to fit in with her was a long process.

‘‘They needed to have a lot of personality, synergy and to click with me and the audience,’’ she said.


Page is the consumate performer who's sassy and seductive. She has an incredible sense of timing, drawing all the emotions from within and lives the lyrics of the songs. Anybody who has seen or heard Ruby perform anywhere agrees: she is an entertainer.


‘‘Music inspires me, it really does . . . music has that way of getting inside me.’’  "I've worked and experimented in many styles of music, and now I concentrate on what I love most...JAZZ"

"For me, Jazz is not a repertoire but rather a process that can be applied to any kind of music. This is what makes jazz the greatest music in the world, it has no boundaries. You can jazz anything up; you can improvise on anything. I don’t think there are any rules as far as what you use as source material. It’s more about having the opportunity to take what you know, to draw from your experience, and do whatever you want with it."


 "And you know, after all these years I still don’t take for granted what these guys are doing alongside me on stage; it's about giving your best and having fun, that's the buzz that keeps you Jazzin."



Ruby talks about her recent album release
“Dream Serenades”, recorded with her all-star band
The Ruby Page & Joe Ruberto Jazztet.

"I specifically chose to work with musicians and a recording producer who I knew could capture a true and natural sound of the music we were creating; a super tight, three part harmony with influences from legendary vocal groups such as The Four Freshmen, The Singers Unlimited and The Hi Lo’s".

"The original arrangements by my pianist and musical director Joe Ruberto with whom I have been collaborating with for over ten years, centers our repertoire on traditional and modern jazz standards, with a strong foundation of straight-ahead jazz accompaniment".

"Melbourne is a Jazz haven where there is this incredible pool of musicians, many of whom I have worked with for years and others I have only recently had the good fortune to be with, so you gravitate to where the creative spark is and try to keep the musicians that kindle that flame, that way old standards come alive again. In order for this to happen, you have to be open enough to share the stage and allow for that creativity, but there is a fine line to tread, a balance that needs to be struck; nobody dominates, it’s a collegial effort".

"The line-up for the album is Joe Ruberto – piano/vocals, Bob Venier - trumpet/vocals, Barrie Boyes – tenor saxophone, Dean Addison – double bass, Dean Cooper - drums and Eric Budd – trombone".

"This new album has a strong melodic focus and I wanted this to be a priority in the songs. Melody I believe is what attracts the listener to a song and the lyrics need to be audible to translate the feeling of what the song is all about.

We had so much fun recording and decided to do three videos of three of the songs which we filmed in our recording engineers studio AdAudio, as the studio has such a funky art deco look and feel. Photographs of the studio and musicians then formed the basis of the CD booklet -  an organic and true representation of the fun we had recording Dream Serenades". 

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