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Music Producer - Melbourne


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Film Producer - Adonis Films Pty Ltd -Melbourne



Video and Photographer


Deepest thanks to the wonderful talented friend, singer, multi-instrumental musician and producer, Robyn Payne, who has arranged,  recorded, mixed and mastered Ruby and Nane's songs.

With over 30 years of experience, knowledge and skillsets, Robyn took and built each song, interpreted the feels Ruby and Nane were looking for, and brought each song to life.

Award winning, Don Percy, was able to capture the essence of each song and portray their feels through moving images.

For Ruby and Nane, Don was a one stop shop, director, producer and editor, with an excellent eye for detail and perfectionism, and the utmost patience.

Sincerest thanks to this super talented guy!

A talented musician as well, Joseph Darmenia has been Ruby's personal photographer for a number of years.

Joseph has won a number of awards in photography, is an expert in his industry, with a sharp eye for detail, is creative, passionate, artistic and imaginative.

Thank you so much, dearest Joseph!

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